Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Motivation - 2 Ways to Stay Motivated

Executive Summary By Kerry Sullivan I

Making more money is a pretty general goal. If one wants a Ferrari and focuses on just making more money to buy a Ferrari, they may be cutting off other potential ways of getting a Ferrari.
AIM BIG! If your goal is too easy it can be hard to get motivated
Make your goals big and exciting and it will be easier to stay motivated.

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Motivation Keys - Using Affirmations For Increased Motivation
Executive Summary By Anthony D Carter

Affirmations can help you increase your motivation. In order to raise you motivation levels you want to improve your self talk.
You will need to use positive affirmations.
• I am wise and I make great decisions everyday.
• I am a winner because I work hard and I have a positive attitude.

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From Anthony D. Carter - a leading expert on motivation.

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Self Help on the Wisdom of Motivation
Executive Summary By Hans S Laney

Motivation is a key to living a good life. Without motivation, we can be doomed to a life full of abandoned projects and unfulfilled dreams.
Motivation is the key to our success or lack thereof.
Here then is a wisdom key to motivation. There are really only two kinds of motivation. Positive motivation and negative.
One is negative motivation. We are all familiar with this kind of motivation, about avoiding a negative consequence. If you don't go to work, you'll get fired. If you don't do the grocery shopping, you'll go hungry. If you don't save money to pay the rent, you'll be out on the street.
There's isn't anything wrong with negative motivation. If you want to give up smoking, thinking how bad it is for your lungs and health can help you take action to start avoiding those negative health consequences. But the thing about negative motivation is that it is negative. Positive motivation is the opposite of negative. Instead of trying to avoid a negative consequence, we are trying to accomplish a positive outcome. That changes everything. Taking action is the key to motivation of any kind.

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What Happens When a Motivator Needs Motivation?
Executive Summary By Michelle Oliver

When it comes to personal and business finance, people come to me for advice. When it comes to motivation, I am the person people lean on and listen to. But what happens when I need motivation and I am the motivator. That scenario just isn't going to work.
1. The goals on my goal list were already accomplished and I need to start a new goal list.
2. The people I had been surrounding myself with for the past 2 months were not helping me mentally or emotionally.
3. I needed to be still and listen. What I need and want was already around me, I just needed to shut up, look, and listen.
An important move is to always surround yourself with positive people. If I am in a room with people who are on my level then I need to get out and find another room with people who I can learn a great deal from. Always revamp your goals and just listen; the answers are right in front of your face.

Michelle Oliver, Money Guru, Life Insurance Advocate, and President of the Oliver Financial Group, has over 18 years in the financial, insurance and marketing industry. Michelle Oliver speaks all over the U.S. to women about women and finances and empowerment issues, and is passionate about teaching and training financial literacy. The Oliver Financial Group motto is "The Oliver Financial Group, Finding Financial Solutions for Today's Modern Women and their Families." If you would like to get in contact with her you can email her at or call 804-928-2296.

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