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Ways to Motivate

11 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Complete any Task in New Year

Motivation is the mental push from you to accomplish an action. People have motives to do many things. Maslow’s Theory, one of the widely discussed theories of motivation debates that physiological needs (such as food, water, sleep etc) are the most basic and fundamental.
We lose motivation with our projects and tasks. We need more defined ways to motivate us everyday.
1. Start with the small bits.
2. Look forward the success after completion.
3. Rewards.
4. Find your motivational switch.
5. Map the task into long-term goals.
6. Think about how procrastination eats away at your success.
7. Give yourself a punishment or consequences.
8. Ask yourself a question: Why work?
9. Looks for bits that you really love to do, and do it.
10. Join with other people who are working hard.
11. Kill the repetitions and schedule.

25 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself
Executive Summary by Henrik Edberg

Feeling less than motivated all too often?
Want some practical solutions to that universal motivation-problem ?
1. Make a deal with yourself.
2. Act like it.
3. Ask uplifting questions in the morning.
4. Move the goalposts.
5. Do something small and create a flow.
6. Do the toughest task first.
7. Start slow.
8. Compare yourself with yourself. Not with others.
9. Remember your successes.
10. Act like your heroes.
11. Remember to have fun.
12. Get out of your comfort zone.
13. Don’t fear failure.
14. Do some research on what you are about to do.
15. Figure out why youĂ‚´re doing something.
16. Write down your goals and reasons for working towards them.
17. Take The Positivity Challenge!
18. Cut down on TV.
19. Break it down.
20. Reprogram your information intake.
21. Make use of your creativity.
22. Find out what makes you happy.
24. Think outside your box.
25. Make each day count.

31 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

“80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen
Executive Summary by Leo Babauta.

1. How you feel after a workout.
2. Time for you.
3. Calories burned.
4. Having fun.
5. How you’re going to look.
6. Magazines.
7. Cover models.
8. Blogs.
9. Success stories.
10. Forums.
11. Rewards.
12. Fitting into new clothes.
13. Being attractive.
14. Adrenaline rush.
15. Stress relief.
16. Time for contemplation.
17. A workout partner.
18. An exercise class.
19. A coach or trainer.
20. An exercise log/graph.
21. Your before picture.
22. A 5K race or triathlon.
23. The dread of feeling “yuck” from not exercising.
24. Living long enough to see your grandkids … and play with them.
25. The scale.
26. Reaching a goal.
27. Posting it on your blog.
28. Motivational quotes.
29. Books.
30. Others commenting on how good you look.
31. An upcoming day at the beach, or a reunion.

Five Ways to Motivate Students
Executive Summary By Jay Mathews

Marc objected to this new and extraordinary school policy. "Grades are a means of communication and motivation," he said. They won't work in that way, Marc said, if you turn "mediocre grades into a death sentence."
"Engaging Minds: Motivation and Learning in America's Schools" by David A. Goslin was published in 2003.
Goslin's thoughts, still fresh and relevant, can be summarized as five ways to motivate students, a topic of central importance in the national effort to improve our schools.
1. Only work on those who need it.
2. Stop telling them they're smart.
3. Make sure the homework isn't stupid.
4. Show some respect for learning.
5. Involve the kid's family.


You do this by tapping into the learner’s motivation.
Typically, people are motivated when their learning has meaning. For example, if I know that passing a course will equate to an increase in my income, I am motivated to pass the course.
5 Ways to Motivate Your Learners
Reward Your Learners.
Make Sure Your Course Has Real Value.
Help Your Learners Perform Better.
Set Clear Expectations for the Course.
Tell Them They’re Wrong.

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