Saturday, July 3, 2010

Motivators... Catch People Doing Things Right

Executive Summary By Josh Hinds
People love to be rewarded. It makes no difference if you're talking about dealing with your family or a disgruntled employee the fact remains that people like to be appreciated. If you do, the rest will take care of itself.

Don't Let The De-Motivators Get You Down
Executive Summary By Tim Connor

Let’s look at de-motivators. -negative people.

-people who invalidate you.

-an incorrect personal interpretation of failure, problems and/or adversity.

-managers who rely on fear and punishment as motivators.
De-motivators come in all shapes and sizes. Apathy is one of the most destructive human emotions when it comes to performance, productivity, happiness, success, motivation and overall behavior.
I suggest you conduct an internal as well as external self – audit of your de-motivators. Identify them, question their purpose and value in your life, decide if it is time to rid yourself of their power over you or - learn to live with the consequences of keeping them in your life.
One of the best ways to improve self-motivation and personal performance is to eliminate the de-motivators from your life, whatever form they take.

Fear and Greed as Motivators
Executive Summary By John V. W. Howe

A colleague of mine once made the comment that two of the strongest motivators of people are fear and greed. If we have money, we always want more.
Since respectable businesses will not associate with porn, let's address fear and greed.
This offer appeals to greed. Remember FEAR and GREED. On the contrary, if you are writing sales pages or landing pages for your own website, you can employ the basic human emotions of fear and greed as motivators since they will enable you to create some "killer" sales pages.

How to Use Core Values As Motivators to Jump Start Yourself and Others to Maximum Results
Executive Summary By Doc Miller

You're right, nobody wears descriptive badges you can see if you were looking.

You might call core values, your fallback position. You can throw away the orange peels ( if you don't compost them). Isn't it handy that God made oranges in sections! Career
Social Life
Financial Security
Spiritual Development
Health and Vigor
Personal Growth

Not only are these the orange section labels but they also represent how the smartest people can segment their lives to exercise some balance. These"segments" or parts are also the places where core values hide or have homes. Although we may share many core values, we each have our own set and we generally aren't motivated by someone else's values. In the game of motivating, if you assume, you're dead. What is your most favorite leisure time activity? Most people call it self-interest. Can you ask enough personal questions?

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