Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspirational Thoughts - Play Big In Your Life

Executive Summary by Lee_Joe

Inspirational Thoughts - Play Big, Act Small "Are you playing too small?" "Am I playing too small?" "How do I play bigger?" There's an inspirational saying, "Playing big is better than playing small. In the first place why play big? Why don't we just play it small, be contented with life? Convert that land to a small farm. Build a small house and dig a small pond on that piece of land. Actually playing small isn't an inspirational thought, it's a selfish thought. You too can do something for the world and humanity. That game of supporting humanity is your source of power. Changing the world is no tiny task. Declare your purpose, declare that you are going to serve humanity, declare that you want to play a bigger game in your life. So Declare and Commit to play a bigger game today!

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Inspirational Thoughts on Families Executive Summary By Bruno Baceli

Here are a few family inspirational thoughts on the subject. (Patrick Henry, during the Revolutionary War) to silly quotes from movies and television, there are more quotes being brought into our memories everyday. There are many different categories of quotes, from serious literary quotes, to Bible passages, to political and philosophical quotes. Many different people have spoken about families, some of them famous, and some not as well known. One of the more excellent family inspirational quotes comes from an unlikely place. The quote states: "A hundred men may make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home."

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Inspirational Thoughts For the Day - Forgive Somebody Executive Summary By Jackie De Bruin

You know, maybe somebody that upset you or annoyed the hell out of you? It is quite impossible to not get annoyed by people as, inevitably, somebody will say or do something that will upset you. This is quite normal as we humans tend to be so busy thinking about ourselves that we don't take other people's feelings into account. By all means, be upset and vent your feelings but, at the end of the day, think about forgiving the offender. Wait for your anger to subside a bit and then rethink the whole situation. bearing a grudge and making an enemy is just so negative and it doesn't get you any positive results.

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