Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreams, Goals, and Achievement

Executive Summary By Dale Stuemke

Many people call this the dream. Think of a goal as a dream with a date on it. Dreams can be a bit vague but goals have to be specific. What is a "weight"? My dream was not something like that; my dream was an image I had in my mind. That picture in my mind was my dream.
During my life I have moved through weights from around 5-1/2 pounds to 220 pounds. Next, I had to refine the dream into a specific goal. I had to do some analysis to find a goal that would produce an acceptable vision. Dreams and goals are important, but you won't achieve them without a plan. I created a goal chart to track my progress on a monthly basis. And, I set an end date for achieving the goal. I'd had the dream before, and I'd had goals before. As time went on, I could look at my progress and decide whether the plan was working and whether I was really executing the plan. Well, I lost over half of what my goal was. The goal is established by defining the dream with numbers that are measurable.

Not Goal Setting But Goal Achievement
Executive Summary By Tom Terwilliger

Have you ever made a wish? On Thanksgiving, we have a ritual in our home where two of us clench opposing ends of the turkey wishbone, we quietly make a wish and pull. As the ritual goes, after the brutal conflict ends the victor of the large piece of the wishbone will have his dream become real, it hardly does.
After all we have been taught that if we put a commanding enough intention out into the universe we can accomplish it. I presuppose both of those statements are correct. Because had I received my wish, I may have been surrounded by a colossal herd of big horn elk. Notwithstanding, wishes do sometimes come true. But I'm confident the majority of us would rather not bet our life on the uncertain outcome of a dream.
You possess what Maxwell Maltz calls, an "internal success mechanism." This year you can start programming your internal success mechanism by turning your "New Year's Resolution" into an exact intention for your goal achievement.
That requires getting very clear on precisely what you desire, why you desire it, and write it down as a clear and comprehensive goal achievement statement. The reality is your power is bottomless

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