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Set Goals To Realize Your Dreams

Executive Summary By Anthony D Carter

Setting goals is the key to achieving your dreams. When you set goals you give yourself many advantages for accomplishing what you set out to do. Here are three reasons to set goals:


Goals give you drive and motivation. When you give your mind a target to focus on you make it easier to stay on track. You give yourself something to look forward to. A goal crystallizes your Dreams
. It makes it tangible. A goal will push you, a mere dream will not. One of the best motivators is a goal that you will work to achieve.
Use your dream to form your goals. Then use your goals to set your plans. Then work your plans to hit your goals. That way, once you hit your goals you will find that you have achieved your dreams.

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Set Goals, Live Dreams - Specific Spiritual Goal Setting
Executive Summary By Susan A Thompson

Why should we have clear spiritual goals? The answer is that they are first in the SPECIFIC goal setting method because they are the foundation of each and every goal we set in all of the other areas. (S=Spiritual, P=Personal, E=Emotional, C=Career Growth, I=Interaction, F=Fun, I=Increase Wealth, C=Clean Up Chaos and Stuff). Most of us have aspirations in other areas of our lives (personal; educational; career; financial; recreational); however, the spiritual aspect of our lives should be the most imperative.

So what are some of your spiritual goals? You can begin to identify these goals by asking yourself the following questions:

• Where am I spiritually and how do I want to grow?
• What do I believe about my eternal purpose, and where I am in relation to that purpose?
• Do I spend time in prayer and quiet moments and contemplation?
• Do I read scripture on a daily basis?
• Do I attend church and have a church home?
• Do I engage in community service in my church?
• Am I offering my God given talents and gifts to my church or other organizations?
• Am I helping others?
• Do I have confidence that my desires and dreams are divinely inspired?

Writing our goals down makes them real, and we can refer to them frequently to assess where we are. After reviewing the above questions, take out a piece of paper or go to your computer and record three spiritual goals that you desire to achieve this month. Try to be specific as you record your goals. An example of a vague goal: "I will read my bible each day." On the other hand, an example of a specific goal: "I will read chapters 1-15 in the book of Matthew over the next 30 days."
Setting spiritual goals is the first step in the SPECIFIC goal setting process. Moreover, setting these goals will help you to attain greater life fulfillment, purpose and meaning. So, go tackle your spiritual goals and live big dreams, one day at a time.

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Niche Marketing Ideas: 3 Simple Ways to Help Make Your Dreams Come True
Executive Summary By Susan A Friedmann

Do you dream of becoming rich in your niche? The words rhyme but do you? Are your thoughts and actions in sync with each other? Dreaming of wealth is one thing but putting the right actions into place is quite another. As a savvy niche marketer, your goal should be to constantly look for ways to identify yourself as an expert to your target audience. You gain expert identity by your actions. Let's focus on three quick, easy and practical ways you can do this.

1. Experts share their wisdom.
2. Experts network.
3. Experts use the media.

Apply these three simple ways techniques and you will be well on the way to increasing and enhancing your expert identity, getting rich in your niche, and making your dreams come true.

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