Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Self Help Motivation - 10 Ignored Reasons Why People Never Reach Prosperity Even If They Really Try

Executive Summary By Morgan Richman

Most people involved in self help motivation will argue that they will never reach prosperity simply due to the fact that they have absolutely no idea what prosperity even is.

1. We Are Undeserving.

2. Family Beliefs

3. Feelings Of Fear And Anxiety.

4. There Is Virtue In Being Poor.

5. Just Plain Luck.

6. They Were Born With Money.

7. Life Is All Hard Work And Struggle.

8. Limited Aspirations.

9. Never Forget To Have Fun.

10. Maintain A Pessimistic Attitude.

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Improving Yourself - Self Help Motivation
Executive Summary By Atle Pedersen

Where can you find motivation ?

We all need our down time, and a break from the daily pressures can work miracles for your quality of life and recharging your batteries.

Truth is, if you have an interest in something, it is important to nourish that interest to give you joy and satisfaction in life.

Take action!

Your subconscious mind will go through the same experience whenever you take on a task, giving you focus and a desire to complete the task.

This is because your mind becomes concentrated on the task at hand, subconsciously searching for solutions.

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Self Help Motivation - Knowledge is Power
Executive Summary By Geoff Novis

You have no drive, no enthusiasm for your tasks. Sound Familiar?

Self help Motivation Tip One
Set yourself some goals,

Self help Motivation Tip Two
Set up a deal with yourself,

Self help Motivation Tip Three
Decide when and how you intend to achieve these aims, and when you do give yourself a certain reward, something that will spur you on.

Self Help Motivation Tip Four
Seek out inspirational books and reports.

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The Key to Self Help Motivation
Executive Summary By Ian Major

Here are the most important steps to finding a little self help motivation
Goal Setting

Now prioritize your list into short term and long term goals. Now here's the secret...


Now think about that long term or short term goal.

You need to create your plan in reverse. With your goal in mind, think backwards from the goal to now.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ian_Major

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