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Ways to Motivate Employees - 3 Employee Motivation Techniques That Are Proven to Work

Executive Summary By Michael Lee

Want to know the most effective ways to motivate employees ? This article reveals some of the most powerful employee motivation techniques that have been proven to work for reputable companies.

Considering that some of the ways to Motivate Employees
are actually quite simple, it would be worthwhile to apply them for both the company and employee's benefit.

1) Remind the important role your employee has on the workplace.

2) Treat them like part of the family.

3) Use bonuses.

Many companies don't use bonuses because of two reasons.
Effective companies design bonuses so that employees would strive hard in order to obtain it.

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Motivating Employees To Be More Productive
Executive Summary By Gordon Mackay

Managing people successfully starts at the top.

How to motivate your employees to be more productive:

• Hire correctly.

• Have a clear job description.

• Make people feel important.

• Pay compliments and give praise whenever it is due.

• Keep statistics so employees can see how they are performing.

• Don't reward employees who are not producing.

• Have systems so all employees have a guidance.


Example:I want employees of integrity who are enthusiastic, motivated, honest, efficient, accurate, focused, hardworking, dedicated and happy.

A little story: In 1973 I had an employee(Konyani) who was about 18 years old at the time who used to work in my restaurant garden and do general cleaning.

After observing what happened I did the same thing with another scullery employee(Mathew).

Clear Job Description

Have systems

Everything should have a system.

Allow management and employees to make suggestions on improving systems. If something can work better than an existing system consider applying it.

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Help to Motivate Employees With a Leadership Speaker
Executive Summary By Randshan J Saldin

Well, the words may be mere words but the sentiment behind the words can prove quite motivating.

Motivational speakers have been quite popular for over two decades now. This is why professional keynote speakers are commonly called into business to help give employees a solid motivational talk designed to effectively and reliably boost performance.

Why is it that a motivational leadership speaker can deliver such amazing improvements to workplace moral? Only professional leadership speakers possess such a combination of skill and experience.

Negative motivation rarely works. When effective positive motivation is employed, the potential to boost employee motivation, moral, and performance increases greatly. That is why professional leadership speakers are always in demand. They deliver effective results.

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Top 10 Ways to Motivate Employees to Increase Productivity
Executive Summary By Syed Muzaffar Aqleem Tirmizi

Since employee motivation is extremely essential for the growth of an organization, managers and supervisors need to know how to motivate their employees.

1) Set up the right environment
Employees need to be motivated by themselves.

2) Money isn't always a good motivator.
A manager or a supervisor trying to motivate his employees should try to understand what motivates each one of them.

3) Don't frighten your employees
Fear alone can't keep employees motivated for a very long time.

4) Motivate yourself
A manager trying to motivate his employees should be motivated himself. So before you start motivating others ask yourself whether you find your job motivating enough.

5) Align the goals of the organization with the goals of the employees

6) Use motivational systems

To motivate employees you can use motivational systems. For instance, organizations can establish compensation systems and employee performance systems.

7) Practice what you read

8) Show genuine care and concern
Show genuine care and concern for your employees.

9) Learn to delegate

10) Reward your employees

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